Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Simon Fitskie | 10 Men

Simon Fitskie | 10 Men

Photographer | Mel Bles

Stylist | Nancy Rhode

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Charissa Du Plessis | ES Magazine

Charissa Du Plessis | ES Magazine 

Photographer | Jenny Brough

Stylist | Orsolya Szabo

Make-Up Artist | Marco Antonio 

Monday, 18 August 2014

Natalie Westling | i-D Fall 2014

Natalie Westling | i-D Fall 2014 

Hang Out Fall In Love

Photographer | Alasdair McLellan

Stylist | Benjamin Bruno

Elite London | Kendal Calling Festival

Elite London | Kendal Calling Festival 

Our hawk eye scouts were at Kendal Calling this year and it was FULL of gorgeous girls and boys!
The theme was - 'Kendal Calling Gies Beyond The Stars' and everyone made an effort to dress up and look incredible, there was also a big movie tent showing alien-themed films during the days & evenings.
This year Kendal Calling even had a world record attempt for the most people moonwalking, about 1200 people signed up to take part and in the famous glow Tent. 

Our scouts weren't just allowed to enjoy the festivities they also had some serious work to do, check out who we found!




You can find more info on Kendal Calling Festival here:

Missy Rayder | Forte Forte F.W 14.15 Campaign

Missy Rayder | Forte Forte F.W 14.15 Campaign

Photographer | Arnaud Pyvka

Karolina Zastarskyte | Revs Magazine

Karolina Zastarskyte | Revs Magazine

Photographer | Alice Fisher

Stylist | Edie Farrow

Hair | Sky Cripps-Jackson

Makeup | Rebecca McMahon

Friday, 15 August 2014

Nastya Sten | Prabal Gurung

Nastya Sten | Prabal Gurung | Resort 2015

Photographer | Dan Martensen

Thursday, 7 August 2014


The most delicious guilt free ice cream on the planet! 


- 2 frozen banana's
- 50/75 ml coconut milk or any other milk (A blender)

Toppings: (obviously you can have whatever you like on there but I used)
- hazel nuts
- desiccated coconut
- cocoa nibs

This is so easy! 

Put the frozen bananas in the blender and add the milk in until it turns into a sorbet (first it goes lumpy and then all of a sudden it goes all smooth and delicious). Depending on how big the bananas are add more or less milk, you need the texture to be creamy. THATS IT. This makes enough for two small bowls. Add the topping and you're done.

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Richard Biedel | La Perla

Richard Biedel | La Perla